Calling all aunties (a*k*a* TT’s)! If you’re a PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids – a term coined by Savvy Auntie a few years back), this is the place for you. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of places for aunts & godmothers to go to for advice, voice frustrations and learn from one another. Oh, and if you’re a long-distance aunt, just forget about it; there are even fewer places. My goal is to change that.

I’m a long-distance aunt myself – my nephews, niece and godchildren all live in different states. So, I’m going to be sharing tips on how I’ve dealt with being a long-distance aunt, activities that you can do with the tiny humans in your life + so many more fun aunt ideas. To get you started, below is a list of blog posts written with you, my dope fellow aunties, in mind. I’ll post at least one blog post each week.

And sis, every month I’m going to share a fun activity that you can do or spotlight a storybook that features a black girl as the main character that you can read with your niece or goddaughter. You’re welcome 🙂

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