Hey, I’m Tiffany! But sis, this is an informal place, so just call me Tiff. I’m a southern gal (Texas born and raised), so you’ll see a lot of words like “yall” in my posts *shrugs*.

Okay, now let me tell you a little about myself:

Introducing Tiffany
Tiffany = corporate America. She did everything by the book – she got her undergrad degree in Marketing, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and obtained her masters. She’s polished, hardworking, and ambitious. Tiffany’s works in the marketing/comms field and loves researching and using her creative juices. She is a wordsmith wizard – she’s not Hogwarts certified, however she does create her own magic through engaging storytelling. BUT she’s terrible at texting people back…maybe it’s due to the fact that she has to communicate for 8+ hours every day at work. Tis is life.

Her drink of choice is a good champagne (moet or veuve, please) or sangria.

Introducing Tiff
Tiff is the complete opposite of Tiffany. She likes bottomless mimosas and brunch – she’s down for daydrinking, loves naps, and pretty much has a permanent seat reserved at the movie theater by her place. Tiff loves to travel, and she is good EXCELLENT at finding good travel deals. She also loves a good day party…ahh, and don’t let “Knuck if you buck” come on at a day party! She knows all the words to the female verse of (come on sis, I know I’m not alone). Oh, and she’ll argue you down if you say anything even remotely negative about The Walking Dead, Greys Anatomy, or Trey Songz.

Her drink of choice is a flight (yes, flight; not glass) of mimosas or bottle of Moscato.

Introducing TT Tiff
TT Tiff is the ultimate cool aunt! She has a niece, two nephews, and a full hand of god children, ranging from 4 to 14! Also, she adores being a godmom and auntie, although my bank account may feel otherwise (Lord, please be a fence around my credit card in 2020)! She is an absolute family person to her core.  

Her drink of choice is a good black tea (hey, can’t be a bad influence around the tiny humans + I need the energy that the caffeine gives me in order to keep up with those rugrats lol)

Okay, enough of writing in the third person. Now that you know a little bit about me, I want to share why I started this site and what you can expect from it.

My Story (the ‘why’ behind Adulting with Tiff)

I held off on starting this blog for 4 years. Yes, four years.

*insert moaning face emoji*


The fear of failure. Striving for perfection. You name any possible reason; that was probably one of my excuses. And honestly, I have very high expectations and standards for everything and everyone in my life; this is no exception. Thoughts such as “what if I publish posts and no one reads it” crossed my mind on a daily basis. So, I just kept putting it off, telling myself I needed to wait until it was perfect or had a catchier concept/theme (it’s the inner marketer in me, what can I say), etc.

But I came across a post on Instagram about two months ago where a gentleman on my feed was talking about just going for it; to do what’s on your heart and what you’ve been putting off. Honestly, I wanted to keep scrolling because I felt his words hit a cord in my gut (damn, poetic justice brotha lol), but instead I kept reading. So, that day, I just decided to DO IT.

You know what’s crazy – I tell my friends messages like this all the time, yet I’m unwilling to take my own advice. I’m sure I’m not the only one that happens to, but that’s a different post for another day, sis.

So, who is the blog for?

My blog is open to anyone – however, my blog is targeted to single, black women in their late 20s and 30s. Why? Two reasons:

1. I fall in that category. And in this blog I plan to share some of my personal experiences, tips, and advice.
2. I feel like by this time most women have gone through a lot in their lives and they’re ready to make things better, improve areas of your life & focus more time/energy on the things most important to them.

So, I created a blog centered around some of the most important things/things I enjoy most in my life. And personally, I think it will resonate with a lot of other women out there.

What type of posts should I expect?

I’m going to write about four main areas:

I’m going to share everything from helpful tips to cool ideas.

And the topics that I write about focus on encouraging millennial black women (a*k*a* you) to cultivate and strengthen the relationships in their lives, one sip at a time.

And by one sip at a time I mean through having tea parties with your niece or goddaughter. Throwing back one (or several; no judgement) mimosas at the house with your girls. Or sipping hot chamomile tea as part of your self-care Sunday. People always view food at the common denominator that connects people. However, so many people fail to release that drinks are also a major connection component. So, come with me on this journey where I show you how you can improve the relationships with your girls, the tiny humans in your life, and yourself, one sip at a time!