12 Drool-Worthy Brunch Board Ideas (Plus Photos!)

four pictures of brunch boards

So here’s the deal ladies, I want brunch. Like…RIGHT. THIS. VERY. SECOND. However, unfortunately, it’s not quite the weekend yet. It’s actually the middle of the workday on Friday. So, instead, I started scrolling on Pinterest and saw one delicious brunch board after another (clearly I’m a glutton for punishment).

So, instead of keeping all this deliciousness to myself, I decided to put together a blog post with a collection of the most drool-worthy brunch boards that I saw! You’re welcome 🙂

But before I give you a major dose of brunch board inspiration from some of the top food bloggers out there, let me first answer a few questions that I’m sure are on your mind.

Sooo what exactly is a brunch board, you ask?

Oh, only a little piece of heaven on a platter.

Basically, it’s similar to the concept of a charcuterie board, but with brunch items. As a matter of fact, brunch boards are one of the newest crazes sweeping Instagram this year. And personally, I wish they had come along sooner.

They’re like a well-presented brunch buffet on a platter. Essentially, instead of having all the food items on separate platters, a brunch board allows all the items to be together on one platter. To me, it gives the food more of a “community” feel.

Let me give you an analogy – think of it like the family room with the TV at the house you grew up in. Yes, each member of your family likely had their own TV, in their room, that they could watch separately. But how much more enjoyable was it having everyone come together to watch TV together in the same room – the family room? Same concept with the brunch board!

What brunch food should be part of the board?

One of the great things about brunch boards is how versatile and customizable they are. Honestly, the board is your oyster. You can really add whatever brunch foods you (and your brunch guests; don’t forget about them) like.

However, I’d suggest first figuring out what your board’s star ingredient is going to be. So, let’s start there.

Choose your board’s star ingredient

When planning your brunch board, first choose the star of your board. The star ingredient also tends to dictate the theme of the board – ex. Pancake Board, Muffins Board, etc. Some popular star items include:

  • Pancakes
  • French toast
  • Waffles
  • Donuts
  • Muffins

Choose your board’s supporting ingredients

Next, figure out what other ingredients pair well with the star ingredient. Some of the most popular brunch items that people tend to add include:

  • Fresh fruit (grapes, berries and melons are very popular)
  • Bacon (enough said!) or sausage and ham are also nice additions
  • Eggs (a good suggestion is to have both hard boiled and scrambled eggs as options)
  • Cheeses
  • Jams, jellies or honey (go great with crackers or cheese)
  • Carbs/starches (think crackers, muffins, pastries, etc.)

Ok, sis I think you get the picture. Now, on to the collection of some serious brunch board inspo from some of the best food bloggers in the game!

12 drool-worthy brunch boards you’ll absolutely love

Cry Me a River…of PANCAKES

pancake brunch board with fruit

If you’re a pancake-lover, like myself, you’ll love this pancake board! Annalise over at Completely Delishious put together this mouth-watering brunch spread that stars pancakes, surrounded by fresh fruits and other scrumptious-looking toppings.

Mini Pancake Paradise

mini pancake brunch board platter

This bite-sized platter of paradise was created by Bitsized Blogger. If you’re into mini dishes, this mouth-watering pancake platter is definitely the brunch spread for you!

Go Bananas!

banana bread muffins brunch board with fruit and nuts

This brunch charcuterie board is crazy bananas, sis! A Spoonful of Vanilla created this delicious brunch spread, with banana bread serving at the star brunch item. Oh, but don’t overlook the tons of other sweet brunch items that complement the banana bread.

Eggcellent Spread

toast and eggs brunch board platter with jams

The eggs steal the show on this brunch board! But overall, this DIY toast board is a very fun way for people to create their own toast.

Brunch of Biscuits

biscuit brunch board platter with bacon, sausage, and fruit

This is a biscuit-lovers dream come true! Sausage, bacon, honey, fresh fruit – what more could you ask for? This is another amazing brunch spread by The Baker Mama.

Bagels Bliss Brunch Board

bagels breakfast board with vegetables and smoked salmon

Mmmm, bagels! This is a bagel-lovers dream board and the presentation is simply picture-perfect. Thanks Half Baked Harvest for the inspo.

Insta-Worthy Waffles

waffle breakfast platter with eggs and bacon

The Baker Mama created this both drool-worthy and Insta-worthy waffles brunch board. If you love waffles, this should definitely be your go-to brunch spread!

Donut Worry, Be Happy

variety of donuts on a wood board

You do-nut have to worry about anything when this beauty is staring you in the face. This board is likely as pleasing to the stomach as it is to the eyes!

French Toast Fantasy

french toast platter

Ahhh this french toast brunch board has my mouth watering! Sandy over at Reluctant Entertainer absolutely did her thing with this one.

Pass the Avocado Toast, Plz

avacado, toast, eggs and other toppings on a wood board

Where are all my avocado toast lovers at? I’ll admit, I’m not one, but this board sure has me thinking about converting! There’s no denying that this avocado toast board, put together by Yoga of Cooking, is very well put together and looks simply delicious.

Carb-Lovers Brunch Board

breakfast platter with muffins, strawberries, crackers and donut holes

Found on This is our Bliss, this brunch platter is a carb-lover’s paradise. From muffins to donut holes to crackers, there’s no shortness of carbs on this board – and it all looks delish!

The Ultimate Board

wood board filled with all the best breakfast foods

From bacon to toast to boiled eggs, I love how this board has a little bit of everything and leaves very little to be desired. That’s why it’s our final featured brunch board; and what a way to wrap up the top 12 list!

Ladies, I love all of these brunch boards, and hopefully one (or several) gave you some inspiration to build your own board!

Now you know I have to ask, sis – which board was your favorite?

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